Friday, 21 September 2007


Ok here it is my first ever CGI animation with Maya, i hope to get better with practice.


Right well we had a week Maya intensive training with Matt Leonard. There was a lot to take in but its not as scary as i had once perceived. We started with he basica... moving, bouncing balls and moving objects and creating models. Then we went on to learn the harder stuff including modeling, rigging, lighting and textures, was a lot to take in.
After that week of training we were each assigned to a project given by Dinamo, Calon and Griffilms.

This time around i was given the Calon brief.
For this brief i will be required to produce a short bit of CGI animation introducing a character. I will have to have a brain storm to think up what it is i will do for this project seeing as i have never used CG animation before this and i dont want to do anything to advanced. :D

Andrew Offiler came to talk to me and Gary (who is also doing this brief) about this project and what things to look for when producing our work.

Tim Allen

Tim is a stop motion animator who has worked on a number of things my favorite being The Corpse Bride and Creature Comforts. His acting skills through his animation are very good and that is what he came to help us with. His advise was great and we have been told he will visit us again to help with our next project.