Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Trolly dollies production and sneak peak...

Our rolls in the production.

Original Idea, suggested by myself and developed by Ash, Mike and myself. All three of us worked out the full story, putting all our ideas into one comprehensive short music video.

All three of us worked out the storyboards and animatic, then decided who should do what after finding music that would suit the piece.

I was responsible for the main character animation of the Air hostesses.
Ash has done the passenger animation and design interacting with the CG surroundings that where built and modelled by Mike, who also did the graphic design of the pamphlet within the animation. Mike Built the CG environment and did the camera moves and added in the 2D elements Ash and myself worked on.

We worked very well together and im so glad our idea was chosen.

The final Film is rendering and will be ready soon to post on the Internet.
Until then here is a sneak peak at one of the scenes i animated. :D

Trolly dollies

These are some pre production sketches i did for the project that Ash, Mike and myself are developing.

How im doing.

Right well its been a long time since i uploaded anything.

All of January I was in Thailand working in an Animation studio called Imagimax. What an amazing experience! It was life changing for me, literally.. I went there being vegetarian for 10years and after 2 weeks there i was back eating meat!! XD

The studio was something else! just awesome! here is a link for you to see for yourself... imagimax
I worked in the 2D department. There i learned loads of new skills and techniques.

Here are some of the things i did over the 4 weeks i spent there.

Digital painting.
We were given an original piece of artwork and had to restore it and make changes to it.

Vectoring from photos in Photoshop and Flash for a make up game.

Character designs for make up game.

Character designs for Thai Computer Game. The characters where based on Thai Gods.