Tuesday, 22 April 2008

How im doing.

Right well its been a long time since i uploaded anything.

All of January I was in Thailand working in an Animation studio called Imagimax. What an amazing experience! It was life changing for me, literally.. I went there being vegetarian for 10years and after 2 weeks there i was back eating meat!! XD

The studio was something else! just awesome! here is a link for you to see for yourself... imagimax
I worked in the 2D department. There i learned loads of new skills and techniques.

Here are some of the things i did over the 4 weeks i spent there.

Digital painting.
We were given an original piece of artwork and had to restore it and make changes to it.

Vectoring from photos in Photoshop and Flash for a make up game.

Character designs for make up game.

Character designs for Thai Computer Game. The characters where based on Thai Gods.

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